How to Use Expanding Mousse + 4 Card Ideas


Nuvo expanding mousse is the latest craze hitting our cardmaking world these last couple months! If you haven't tried the embellishment mousse that was previously released by tonic, there are several colours and generally it has a flat but shimmery look to it. It's a perfect medium to put over stencils! 

Expanding mousse takes things a little but further in that the mousse will puff when heated. Remember using those liquid pens to make snow back in the day? I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called but it has a similar effect, just colourful! I love the earthy tones the mousse comes in, so perfect for mixed media and vintage designs. 

The best part is, you get different effects based on if you let the mousse dry or not before heating. You can see my colour swatches and comparisons above!

In the above photo, you can see the difference between Nuvo Mousse and Expanding Mousse. You can see that you do need a thicker layer of expanding mousse to get a big textured effect, in the brave photo I only smeared a thin layer on.

The linen shade is so perfect for snow! Even though Christmas is over, winter cards are still stylin' and I know we are far from spring up here in Canada. So it's darker tones and snow themed cards until I see brighter days.

I love these sentiment strip dies from Tonic. There are several sentiments available and they come with both the thin sentiment as well as the shadow behind them. They are fun and whimsical looking.

I love this photo because you can really see the texture of the mousse inside the jar. TIP! Do not stick your fingers into the jar, always use a spatula or palette knife. Something with the oils of our hands can produce unwanted bacteria inside the jars.

By far this is my favourite card where I layered two colours using a layering stencil from Altenew. I just think the results are stunning!

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