Stained Glass Alcohol Ink with Vellum for Birch Press Designs


Hi Crafters,
It's Justine back again here on the Birch Press Blog! Today I am creating a stained glass effect on my card using Alcohol Inks. Using Vellum paper helped me achieve that slightly muted but vibrant colour. I used a fairly thick vellum for this piece. Vellum is a non-porous surface that is super elegant when used alone, but it is perfect for any alcohol techniques as well.

Step 1: Choose your ink colours. I used Purple Twilight, Wild Plum and Black
Step 2: Shake your inks onto the vellum and cover the surface without pooling the colour much.
Step 3: Blow the inks around using a straw or an empty pen tube works too!
Step 4: Let dry - these dry super quick!

Pairing various die cuts over colourful backgrounds is one of my favourite things to do while cardmaking. I used the Triangle Fade Frame and the Prism Triangle Collage to die cut the panels out of black cardstock. I layered them overtop and then embellished with the sentiment Friend Sugar Script and the Best Friend Stamp set.

Both cards have a very deep and regal look. I added some white accents to each of the cards to ensure they wouldn't get too dark. I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration!

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  1. These are rich and regal! I love them. The black makes them so elegant.

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