Save the Crafty YouTuber Day 2: Quick Cards


Welcome to Day 2 of the Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop! Watching all of the videos yesterday was such a treat and I'm excited to go through all of today's videos as well! Today we are looking at cards that are quick! I couldn't wait to use this crafty turnabout the moment I saw it!

This week is a celebration of cardmaking video tutorials created by a group of talented crafters of all different styles and levels. We are coming together over 5 days to give our viewers a chance to discover other amazing cardmakers and help reach our goals! All you have to do is watch, like the video, consider subscribing, and click the link in the video description below each video to hop to the next video. Let yourself be inspired! You never know when you’ll discover your next favourite YouTuber!

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  1. Another awesome video! thanks for sharing your talent with us! Karen Lewis USA!

  2. Is there a link for all the videos, please?

  3. Just getting started with this circuit cards. So I'm watching all videos for help and ideas.Ilost my babygirl and depression set in. So with help I will learn how, it's costly and maybe I will get lucky and win some of these packages of gifts. I enjoy these videos

  4. Super cute! I hadn't realized there would be different videos each day, so i'm looking forward to seeing what's posted today.
    Karen Letchworth

  5. Awesome colors. Will make a great gift

  6. What fun! Your video was short and sweet - I got how to use the turnabout image! The colors used were great.

  7. The hop was amazing! Thank you for having put it tigether. USA


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