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Hi Crafters,
I'm pretty excited to get this video out to you. I've had this video idea for nearly a year but haven't found the perfect way to present it until now. I get a LOT of questions about blending and how to do it. I'm hoping by offering a few methods and tools, you will be able to pick the one that best suits you. In this video I am comparing the Imagine Crafts Ink Blushers, Ranger's Ink Blending Tool and the Clarity Brushes. In the end, I don't have a favourite. I like each one for different reasons and they all produce different results. I used Distress Oxides to blend because I find them the easiest inks on the market to blend - even for beginners! I topped the cards off with a sentiment from Honey Bee Stamps called Thanks and Giving.

I would love to hear in the comments below about which methods you use to blend!

I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks on blending and my opinions on each of the tools when using Distress Inks. More explanations are included in the video!

#1 Blending Tool

The blending tool is probably the most common tool for blending. I switched from the rectangular tool to the circular tool years ago and never looked back. I like the fact that the round sponges fit into the bottom of my mini ink pads. 

Pros: provides a vibrant amount of colour, allows colour to build up, blends seamlessly with next colour (if when they mix they don't create brown). You don't need to invest in many tools to use it, I just switch out the sponge. You can wash the sponges as well. Affordable.

Cons: you have to be careful with hand pressure, can create harsh lines, practice may be needed to get good blending - oxides are easier than standard Distress Inks

#2 Clarity Brushes

Pros: gives off a paler look to the colours, allows colour to build up very gradually, blends seamlessly with next colour (if when they mix they don't create brown). Creates a texture to the ink because of the bristles, easy application -even for beginners! Easy to clean.

Cons: Can take a while to build up solid colours. You may not like the texture they give off

#3 Ink Blushers

Pros: provides a vibrant amount of colour, allows colour to build up. Very affordable so you can use one sponge per colour. You can try makeup blenders as well for this. Picks up lots of colour at a time.

Cons: you have to be careful with hand pressure, can create harsh lines, has a bit of a texture. Some colours blend seamlessly, some don't.

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  1. Wow! Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Lovely cards and
    great use of the
    Carla from Utah

  3. Thanks for the comparison I almost bought these brushes I like the blending better with the blending tool or makeup sponge. Maybe I would like the brushes better used with stencils. Also glad you said that the other brand sheds.

  4. Awesome cards and techniques..tganks for sharing..

  5. Awesome cards and techniques..tganks for sharing..

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial,the cards are lovely

  7. Love this! Thank you. I think my favorite is the ink blending tool, but they all came out beautiful!!

  8. You really did make some lovely cards. I think that I'd prefer the Ranger blending tool to work with, as well. The ones I have (& haven't used...) are rectangle. That may show edges. Wonder if I will round the edges of the pads. Neat video. Thank you. Marsha

  9. Loved your video and seeing the comparisons!

  10. Great video! I like to see the comparison between the tools.
    Vicky Briggs

  11. Hi Justine...I use Tim Holtz finger daubers. I feel I have much more control over my card stock. In using them, I have the dauber plastic holder. I have put a label on each one as I've used the distress ink....that way there's no mess on my dauber.

  12. Love the info. Just curious though, should I clean my sponges after each use of the distres oxides? I do use a different sponge with each color but wanted to make sure I’m not storing them wrong, ie dirty?

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