DIY Decorating Envelopes #3


Hi Crafters,
today is my last day of decorating envelopes over at So Suzy Stamps (tear*) but I have a couple more fun ideas on how to decorate your envies and I'm showing off the Clarity Brushes today as well!

GIVEAWAY: You can win a set of envelopes made by Suzanne from So Suzy Stamps by making an envelope yourself and entering it into an album on the So Suzy Facebook Page!

This envelope I blended with the clarity brushes. I love the soft look it gives off and the fact that I am able to blend with intricate stencils.

This is a fun black and white envelope I created for my mom's birthday. I paired it for the photo with another black and white card since her birthday isn't for another couple weeks.

Supply List:

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the series on envelopes and I will have more ideas coming in the future (since I am planning a technique week filled with envelopes this year!) Shhh!

If you missed the last two videos, here they are!

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  1. Hello Justine,

    I love how you decorate your envelopes. My question is what envelopes do you use. My envelopes bleed through. Do you have this problem? If so what do you do?

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