Watercolour for the Non Artistic Cardmaker Introduction


Classes will be available at 12 noon ET daily!
Welcome to Watercolour for the Non artistic Cardmaker! I am planning on making FREE classes monthly if there is enough engagement so here is what you can do to make sure the next class is a go!

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2. If you like the class and enjoyed the videos and are considering buying something, please shop through the links where possible. Thanks!
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Here is the Introduction on:
Which Mediums are Available
Tools of the Trade
Comparisons of the Different Products

Click Here to download today's PDF file for your reference!

Here are a list of some of the watercolour mediums that you can use to create watercolour cards (all mentioned in the video and sampled below). I have included different sizes and quantities that are currently available.
I generally link to Simon Says Stamp or Amazon. No guarantee these are the best prices out there.

As mentioned in the video, here are some of the tools you may want to purchase/need (see video) when watercoloring.
I generally link to Simon Says Stamp or Amazon. No guarantee these are the best prices out there.

Here is a comparison chart of the different products I spoke about in the video. You can see each medium. Most of the mediums do the same thing besides the Color Burst however, they do vary in usage.

Distress Inks are something most have already and are a great place to start experimenting with watercolours without actually having to buy any. Use a craft mat, "smush" some colour on it and add water!

Zig Real Brush Color Markers are all the rage at the moment and are fun to use. You can colour directly, on top of water or directly and blend with water. 

Gansai Watercolours are by far my favourite of of those I tried. I like the packaging, the way it stores, the colours and the quality. Top notch paints!

Inktense (sorry for the spelling error in the photo) are great pencil crayons that can blend with water. A little colour goes a long way and you can blend multiple colours together.

I'm new to the world of colour bursts! I love them so far. I experimented with two ways. Above, I sprinkled some powder on the paper and spritzed with water. You will never get the same look twice.

On this sample, I added the powder to the water. On the right where it is faded I tried blending with a paint brush. Both ways make very different looks.

Here are a bunch of videos from the past that feature the watercolour technique - just in case you can't wait until tomorrow for Day 1!

These references are available for your personal use. You may "copy" my cards but please link back to the class. It is forbidden to use my card designs for publication. All opinions and knowledge are my own. I am not being paid for this class nor has anyone asked me to make it.

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  1. Hi Justine...I just watched the video for the first day of class!! It was great! I am the administrator for a Facebook group called Distress Ink Techniques and I just shared the information with the group about this class. Thanks for putting this class together!!

  2. Thanks so much for putting this class together. The video was wonderful and I am looking forward to the class. I have the Gansai Tambi watercolors but haven't used them yet :-(.

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Justine! I'll be back for the rest of the series.

  4. Thank You so much for sharing this class... Looking forward to tomorrow....


  5. The YouTube video is private -- how would I access? Thank you!

    1. I'm not sure why it is saying private for you, try again maybe? When you commented I check and over 200 others were able to view it?

  6. Great intro to water coloring. Looking forward to the class.

  7. Hey!
    Best kind of intro for water coloring.
    I just watched the video for first time!! It was good.
    Wanna checkout your other class. I too wanna be creative.

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