Beautiful Lucy Scrapbooking Layout!


Ok so I challenged myself this week.  I am not a "pink" scrapbooker but I decided I was going to try and create something beautiful with my least favourite paper pack, it has just become one of my favourite paper packs by the way! I love it!  This is a little girl I used to nanny for, I recently went back to visit her and I can't believe how big she is (this was last years picture though, i still need to develop photos from my last trip!) Also, keep checking back, I am going to be posting a ton of artwork in the next 2 weeks!

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Paper: Lucy Paper Pack, Sweet Leaf card stock
Ink: Blush
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Embellishments: Bakers Twine, Just Blooms Flowers, Brads. Garden Wooden Shapes

See that beautiful piece of Sweet Leaf cardstock with Bakers Twine wrapped around it! What a cool way to make that bakers twine combine with the Art Philosophy cartridge!!

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  1. So pretty. I think that's very clever how you used the bakers twine on the flower, too. :-)

  2. I was checking out your blog which I just love, but came across this layout and it set me back for a moment. My ex's last name is Sutor so it sure caught my eye. I have never seen it spelled that way except for my ex's family. Wow, how weird. But anyways love the layout and sure love all you do.


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