I am so excited to announce my latest endeavour - the Technique Resource Binder! I am always looking to find solutions to my creative issues. When I'm cardmaking, I can't tell you how often I stare at a stamp and wonder what to do with it. Where should I start? What should I create? So I've come up with a potential solution - the Technique Resource Binder!

This class can be used for any type of papercrafters - cardmaking, tags, mixed media, scrapbooking...

It is an entire binder filled with any and every technique that I know of, have learned over the years or discovered. Each technique will have it's own printable card so when you do the technique and store it in the binder, you will have all the instructions on the back. There will also be a QR code and link to each video so it's easy to reference if you need a visual demonstration. After you are finished building your binder with step-by-step videos, you will then be able to search through the binder, choose a technique and get started without having to think too much!

Class Fee: $30 before July 1st
$40 after July 1st

This class is going to include: 
- all printable PDF files
- exclusive video tutorials of techniques
- coupon codes
- one-on-one help if needed
- exclusive Facebook group 
(***you won't miss out on any class if you aren't a Facebook user, it's just a community support group***)

You can CHOOSE which techniques you want to add to your binder so that it suits the supplies you personally own. You will have a lot of freedom in this class, do it at your own pace, choose the techniques you want to include, organize your techniques in your binder as you wish.

This class is going to be open-ended but I can guarantee a minimum of 100 techniques. EASILY. I am going to create my binder right along with you and when I'm done, you're done. I think the two videos per month will be a great pace for those who are eager, and remember you can go at your own pace - just save the emails you receive.


Remember to share this and recommend this class to your friends! I have a referral section on this form and the top 10 people with the most referrals will receive some crazy prizes!

1st place - $100 in products
2nd place - $75 in products
3rd place - $50 in products
4th - 10th $25 gift certificates to either or Ellen Hutson

The only thing you "need" to get started are some trading card pockets and I would recommend a 2" binder.

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  1. I have been trying to do something similar on my own. I just get bogged down so I can't wait to get this going!

  2. I can't tell you how much relieved this makes me feel. I want to be organized, but it's always a work in progress and I think this will be a major help for me! Thanks so much!

  3. So excited... can't wait until July 1!!! Thank you so much for, what I know, will be an awesome class

  4. Looking forward to taking this class.

  5. Love the idea of having all of these techniques in one place and to easily be able to find a video tutorial refresher! So looking forward to building my binder with you!

  6. Yay! I love this idea. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I am so excited for this class. I am in.

  8. OMG! This is absolutely brilliant!

  9. Tricia A Podmore4 June 2019 at 10:42

    Thrilled you are doing this class as there are so many techniques I have forgotten over the years. Can't wait to start!

  10. Love the new class idea. Can't wait to start!! I had been looking for some classes to attend to brush up on techniques I know and get some new ones without having to make cards at the class as I am a very slow stamper and work long hours at a hospital. This is exactly the answer to my prayer. Thanks.

  11. What a fantastic idea. I can't wait for this class to start. It is always a chore to try to recreate a technique that you love from memory.

  12. So happy I'm all signed up! Just a question - I'm an Aussie and trading cards/baseball cards are not really part of our culture. Is there a standard size for the spaces in the protector? I'll go to our Officeworks and see if they have anything that might be suitable!

    1. I see some on Amazon Australia if that helps -

    2. Thanks Justine - I actually live in Hong Kong just to complicate matters! But I'm in Oz right now!! I'll use your links when I get back to hK!

  13. I am so excited to see this class and definitely interested just a quick question that I'm not clear on is the entire class with all those techniques $30 or is it $30 per every video?

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  15. Thank you for setting up this class. Look forward to signing up and beginning.

  16. Looking forward to lots of great inspiration. Would there be a way to gift this class for someone else?

    1. Yes, just fill out the form and instead of your name and email, put your friend's name and email. Then the PayPal address for payment should be your own. Thanks!

  17. I’m excited and can’t wait to start the class. Cindy W


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