Top 10 Cardmaking Tutorials of 2018


My Top 10 Most Watched Card Tutorials of 2017 was such a hit that I think this will become an annual tradition! A big thank you to everyone who has watched, liked, commented and supported me throughout the year. It all means so much! Below, I have a photo, as well as the video tutorial linked. If you would like to see the supply list, click on the YouTube button on the video and you will be taken directly to YouTube where you can see the supply lists :) 











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  1. It seems I missed a few of these so thanks for sharing this recap. It will be great to catch up on these tutorials. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Great videos, Justine! Thanks for the recap! Also, I was wondering if you could do a video about your Gemini. I am thinking about going automatic and buying an electronic die cutting machine. I’m leaning heavily toward the Gemini but trying to decide between the original and bigger Gemini and the Gemini Jr. I just watched Jennifer McGuire’s review of her Gemini Jr but I’d also be interested in seeing a review from you about what you like about your original size Gemini, why you decided on this one vs the Jr and other perks that you really like or things you don’t like so much. Happy New Year!!

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