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Hi crafters,
I popped into Facebook Live after receiving many messages about my social media and blog planner. It's not too often I post photos of myself, so in case you have never seen me before, this is me! I am determined to work ahead of the game as much as possible this year so it was time to invest in a great planner!

I received this Carpe Diem Planner from Simon Says Stamp in a giveaway I won and wasn't too sure what to use it for so I set it aside and alas I found the perfect binder for my planner. It is a beautiful faux-leather with a high quality. It has a snap to hold it together and has a pen holder and lots of pockets on the inside. They are sold individually at Simon Says Stamp or with some regular planner inserts. I tossed the inserts because I used a digital calendar for my personal things, but kept the monthly dividers (also available individually).

I bought the Ultimate Blog Planner from Little Chiqui Paperie (no affiliation) on Etsy. You must make sure you can print double sided with your printer and that both sides face same way. The inserts I bought are A5 but I couldn't find paper so I printed it onto some 67lb Cover Stock and cut it down and hole punched it. I printed on thick cardstock so that the pages wouldn't bleed through when I filled them in and they are easy to flip. What I love is that the colours are super light so you don't waste a ton of ink!

I didn't use all the inserts but here is a list of the ones I included: the title page, Yearly Stats, Expenses, Sponsored Posts, Blog Post Ideas, Social Media Links, Monthly Goals and Tasks, Monthly Overview, Weekly Blog Post Planners, Newsletter Planner and A Month in Review. I can always go back and print more if I need to. 

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  1. I loved your planner video! Thank you very much for the in-depth look at the inserts. I have been wanting to try some digital inserts and it is great to see them up close. You always have great card ideas and do beautiful work.
    I have a suggestion though; instead of keeping a "haters" post (because there are those people who will always post negative comments, even on puppy videos), keep a "favorite comments" post, ones that makes you smile. I can only imagine that when you open up your planner to a page filled with happy thoughts it will lead to a happy day:)

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