#foolishness Kymona Tracey!


Hi Crafters!
So today we are celebrating Kymona Tracey and how fabulous she is! During Creativation, our little crafty group had a blast planning, networking, and chatting about anything crafty! Kymona kept using the word foolishness and I would crack up laughing every time. So Suzanne made us all a custom stamp for us to remember our fun adventure. Kymona doesn't even know but it should be arriving in the mail for her today! So we are surprising her with a post all about her!

Kymona you are fabulous! I wish you all the best in your crafty endeavours! She is the most down-to-earth, amazing woman, mother and crafter! She just started her own Kreative Kymona Approved business and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished so far! If you would like to check out the other cards, here they are:

Supply List:
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  1. Kymona is a sweetheart and I can just imagine how fun she is in person, with her bubbly personality, positive attitude and abundant creativity! Your card, featuring my favourite butterfly stamp ever, is gorgeous...and how fabulous is the #foolishness stamp! A marvelous way to show a fellow crafter just how loved she is!

  2. Love the sentiment! I will definitely be checking out the other cards!

  3. LOL Awwwwww, we all love her #foolishness!!! I just love all you ladies!

  4. Beautiful card! Love the stamp too! TFS!

  5. What an awesome surprise!! You ladies are the best I swear!! What will I do without you ladies!! Totally awesome cards and the Foolishness that we have going is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I really appreciate you and our crafty group!!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Your butterlfy and its colors are breathless!!!

  7. This is a lovely card and a great surprise for a friend!

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