AAA Card Challenge #71 - Blending


Hi Crafters,
today I am designing for the AAA Card Challenge - this week we are focussing on blending.  I must say I am really enjoying designing with a theme in mind lately rather than a certain brand. It gives me a chance to play with all the goodies that I've wanted to be using but haven't had the time. I am getting closer and closer to moving and I've been so busy scheduling blog posts in advance and getting in that last minute crafty time before my things are shipped over the ocean (I could be not crafting for up to two months!) I may have to sneak in a few things into my suitcase so I can craft a little bit - I don't think I can go that long! :) Can you believe all my crafting stuff fits into just two boxes?! I may be a little proud of myself for that!

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  1. Super cute blended elephant and I love your rainbow strip down the side. Can't imagine the size of those two boxes Justine, must be jumbo!

  2. How cute this is! Love the blending here, this would be good for CASE this sketch this week? And wow you should be proud to get your crafty goodies in 2 boxes...think we need to see a photo of this!!

  3. Stunning card Justine and so cute and blended perfectly. Love the vibrant strip of washi tape too! I'm wondering how big these 2 boxes of crafty goodies are... Yep photos please! If you need to leave anything behind I could find it a good home!!!! Lol!

  4. I love your blending on the elephant and the pop of colour with the washi tape the side. I don't know if I could fit all my crafty stuff into two boxes, that's for sure. You should be proud, that goes to show that you don't need "everything" out there to be able to create wonderful cards.

  5. Simply fantastic card!!!! Great design!!!

  6. Justie, absolutely adorable card! Oh, I know how difficult it is to write all the posts ahead. Did this in July. And I can't believe all your craft supplies fitted just in two boxes ;) Wish you an easy moving ;) - Sweet Kobylkin

  7. Oh how stinkin' cute! Love the addition of the washi tape! Glad to be joining you as guest designer!

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