Stencilling for Cardmaking Introduction


Welcome back to Technique Week! Thanks to everyone who joined me for Watercolour for the Non-Artistic Cardmaker in January. This month I am doing a series on Stencilling. Remember that I will only continue to provide these FREE classes with FREE downloads and FREE tutorials if people are engaging! That means pin the post, share the videos, share on social media - get the word out there! 

Check out my Introduction to Stencilling here:

My Top 10 Favourite Stencils:

**One of the Stencils is not shown because it came in a kit, not individually.

Stencilling Tools and Accessories:


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  1. Hi Justine, I do follow your blog a lot, but very seldom, if ever, do a posting.
    Today I am going to follow your class on stencilling. I've done some, but there sounds like a lot in your class that I will learn about. Really excited to see the next one. I'm going to check out your Watercolour one too. Thanks for all your work. Best Wishes from a fellow Canadian

    1. Hi Doreen, thanks for saying hi! I hope you will enjoy the class. The first day is just covering some basics but there should be a few things to learn over the next few days!

  2. Since I'm a stencil designer and Etsy seller, I LOVE this series. Thanks for generating even more interest! Fondly, Howsewears

    1. Thanks for stopping and saying hi! A stencil designer - that is exciting! Hope you enjoy my class!

  3. Justine, I think your sessions are fantastic and such a generous investment of your time and talents! I followed your watercolour series, however, I'm just not skilled with watercolouring no matter how hard I try. The only thing happy with my results is my very well fed Mr. Recycle bin. Stencils, though: a whole different story! Love them, although all I do is sponge-and-go. Looking forward to what you'll be teaching us. I, too, am a fellow Canadian...

    1. I'm back...just watched your video: fabulous! Looking forward to what you have planned for us tomorrow...

    2. Thanks Carol! Glad you enjoyed the series and that this series is more your thing :)

  4. Just discovered your blog today and I'm loving it!


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