Happy Birthday UK themed Pop up Card using Cricut Explore


Hi crafters,
I don't like to admit it but since purchasing my Cricut Explore in April, I never really used it differently from my other Cricuts until this project. The Cricut Explore is by far my favourite machine. The software is easy to use after watching a couple YouTube tutorials and getting the hang of it. I really wanted to make a UK themed birthday pop up card since I am flying to London on Thursday for the weekend with my friend who celebrates her birthday tomorrow.

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First I thought about what I put into the pop up box. When I searched London/UK in the Cricut database, there wasn't much to choose from so I had to find some jpeg files online. I have the little soldier, British Pound symbol, the Underground symbol, the telephone booth and a drama mask since my present was...

2 Tickets to Michael Jackson's Thriller the Musical!!!

So where it says "Ziehen" which is "Pull" in German, a ticket came out with the information or the tickets written by my Cricut. I was able to attach it by putting the ticket into a "pocket" and attaching the pocket to the pop up card.

Next I had to think of the pop up box/outside of it and how I would decorate it. What better than the Union Jack? This proved to be a lot of work. I cut out the red cardstock squares to paste down the I had to hand glue the white strips and blue triangles on all the flags but I think it turned out adorable! And it wouldn't be possible to create without my Explore!

Cricut Explore (the happy birthday image is the only one from a cartridge)
Embellishments: Shimmer Trim

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