Lollydoodle Workshop using the Hip Pics Album


Hello everyone!
I have a great workshop here available for you. This is the kickoff to a new workshop of the month program that I am running. I realize Mother's Day is just around the corner, so unless you order by mid-week to Canada you probably won't get the supplies in time, therefore I am offering to substitute the stamp set for you if you like. That means you can make the same super cool album, but replace the sentiments with a stamp set of your choice from my website (A-C Size stamp). Just EMAIL me right away if you would like to switch stamp sets or if you have any questions!

Below, I have stated all of the guidelines and FAQs for the workshop program, such as free kits, getting free stuff, etc. :)

Anyway: here is the preview of the workshop!

Lollydoodle Hip Pics Mini Album Workshop!

Such a cute mini album! When you are finished, half of the paper pack will be leftover.  Throughout the month, if you purchase the workshop of any kind, you will receive some emails with suggestions on using the extra supplies! (Cards this month) Again, this does not need to be for Mother's Day, you can make it for next year and collect pictures all year or switch the stamp set and make a simlar album with different sentiments.

Here are your options for purchase:

Basic: (not included: stamp set, ink pad, glitter paper) $25
- Hip Pics Album
- Lollydoodle Paper Pack
- Pink Flamingo Dots
- PDF Instruction guide that includes 2 video links!
Choose your Province (includes sales tax)

Super: (not included: ink pad and glitter paper) $38
- Basic Kit Supplies
- Mother's Day Stamp Set (or one of your choice up to $13.95)

Choose Your Province (includes sales tax)

Ultimate: $50
- Super Kit Supplies
- Slate Ink Pad
- Glitter Paper

Choose your Province (includes sales tax)

Just the instructions please (includes access to two videos!  $7

Consultant Kit: (CTMH CONSULTANTS ONLY - includes ordering guide, tips, videos etc.)  $7

Do I have to commit every month?
No, you can order when you want. There will be no auto-ship, no commitment, nothing. By purchasing a kit, you will receive a newsletter when the next one is available as a reminder.

How much does it cost?
Costs will vary. There will be three kits to choose from each month that start at $25.
For Example:

Kit 1: Basic                          Kit 2: Super                         Kit 3: Ultimate
Card bases                           Everything in Kit 1              Everything in Kit 1
Paper Pack                           Stamp Set                            Everything in Kit 2
Sparkles                               1 Ink pad                             An additional Ink pad

More details will be in the actual kit description.

How much is shipping?
Usually shipping is $10 to Canada or 10%, whichever is higher. As a thank you for ordering, you will get $5 flat shipping except on the Basic kit, sometimes it will be slightly higher because I would be losing money ;)

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Yes, when you purchase the kit, a drop down menu will appear with your province. Sales tax is already in the price. 

I saw some other things on your website that I would like to purchase, can I add it to my order and keep the $5 shipping incentive?
Yes! Just send me over an email BEFORE purchasing and I can place the order manually for you and include the extra items.

I didn't receive the PDF file, what do I do?
If you order before the month begins, you will receive the PDF on the 1st of the month. If for some reason you do not receive the PDF file, contact me here.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping varies by province. On average, when the products leave the warehouse, I have them in one week.

How does the punch card work?
The punch card is amazing! Each month you purchase, you will earn a stamp on your card (it will be sent each month you purchase via email). The stamp will say BASIC, SUPER or ULTIMATE depending on which kit you purchased that month. If you purchase all Basic kits, your 10th Basic Kit is free, If you purchase all super kits, yours 10th super kit will be free, etc. If you mix them and purchase different types, that's ok too, you will receive the basic kit as your 10th free kit.

I am a CTMH consultant, can I purchase the kit for my own personal workshops?
Yes! There is a consultant button on the drop down menu.  All I ask is that you don't share the kit with other consultants, they take a LOT of work and the small fee helps cover the cost for my time and allows me to purchase supplies for my next kits. You may hold workshops for your customers and give them access to the PDF and videos.

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