Clutter your Creativity?


I am working on a bunch of great Valentine's Day projects to feature this weekend, but I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I thought I would post a quick observation.

As many of you know, I have not been posting as often as I normally do in the last few months for a bunch of reasons.  I started a new career, and it had to be my focus.  That doesn't mean I didn't make time for crafting - on the contrary, I scheduled it in as my "me" time.

For some reason, I could not for the life of me create anything.  I would pull out paper and be overwhelmed by which colours to choose.  I puled out stamps and again, couldn't pick the right image. Over time, I realized a very sad realization.  I had to much stuff, it was time to downsize.  (see the post below for stuff you can buy at a great price!)

As soon as a embarked on the very daunting task of cleaning out the craft room, I began to create, little by little, cards came together again and papers suddenly coordinated easily for me. I had less choice, and everything I could create with was in sight and not tucked away in drawers.

It may seem like the more the better, but in the end it simply stifled my creativity.  With the help of our new CTMH organizers, I am ready to embark on the journey of paper crafting and bring my passion to my blog readers!

Good night, look forward to a new post on Saturday!

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