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if you have already taken a look at my blog down below on how to create a card using the Bliss workshop, you already know how beautiful this paper and stamp pack is.  Here is another useful layout that you can make using the Bliss paper pack and stamps which can be purchased on my website:

Here we go, I do not have detailed step by step pictures but it is very straightforward and I will tell you how to make this layout.  All the materials and order numbers are listed below in Canadian dollars but are available for purchase in the USA as well in US Dollars)

Chocolate (Z2111, $5.95 ) and Cranberry ink ($5.95  Z2116)
Bliss Workshop (includes, paper, workshop guide, stamp, dimensional elements) ($33.50, G1020)
Ribbon of your choice
Bliss Level 2 assortment (Butterflies on the second page) Z1355 $5.95
Framed Fun (frame on first layout) Z1140, $4.95 and they come in white and can be painted in any colour

1. Cut the striped paper (bottom left) 3in x12in and glue it to the bottom of the page.
2. Then cut out the beige patterned paper (middle left) 5in x 12in and glue it above the striped piece of paper.
3. For the piece on the top left, i left it white and textured it later but you may choose to cut the vanilla cardstock 4in x 12in if you like, I just ran out of paper.  Attach the vanilla paper if you choose that option.
4.Next, cut the chocolate brown paper 7.5in x 12 in and paste it on the right side of the page over top of the other patterns, this will be your background.
5. I then took a texture brush and dipped it in chocolate ink.  I blotched it on the left top of the page.
6.  On my workspace, I took a dimensional element (Framed Fun) and I blotched that using the texture tool and chocolate ink.  
7.  I cut a piece of the vanilla cardstock (4.5 inches x 1.5 inches) and I splotched that with the chocolate ink as well.
8. Then I cut a piece of the vanilla cardstock (7in x 8 in)and blotched that in chocolate ink and attached it on top of the brown background (this is the paper underneath the photograph).  
9. Attach the photograph
10.  Attach the frame dimensional element that you already coloured by blotching
11.Attach the 4.5x1 piece of vanilla cardstock under the frame and photograph (this piece is the piece with the forever stamp on it.)
12.  Stamp forever on the vanilla cardstock using the stamping font of your choice (many fonts are available on my website)
13. Next, on the beige background piece (middle, left side) I stamped the couple, writing and the Together is the best place to be in chocolate ink.  This stamp is included in the Bliss workshop ($33.50 on my website)
14. Next I stamped the corner (top left) using the stamp from the Bliss workshop.
15. Then I placed the ribbon (this item is not available on my website, I purchased it on sale at Michaels and it is Martha Stewart Ribbon).  I pleated it using a glue gun.  I will post a blog later on explaining how to pleat the ribbon.  Essentially I took a long piece of ribbon and folded it over and used the glue gun to glue it and make a pleat.
16.  Next, I took the dimensional elements which are included in the Bliss workshop and I used a texture brush and painted them with chocolate ink and cranberry.  (the bracket, button, corner pieces and fancy squiggle leaf on the top left corner) and I attached them all using a glue gun.  

Done! On to the next page.  If any of these instructions seem confusing, email me and I will clarify what to do. Again, majority of the paper and accents are from the Bliss Workshop (not the Bliss paper pack which only includes the paper not the stamp and dimensional elements).

Sorry about the glare on the page.   This is one of my most favourite pages I have ever made.  I took most of the ideas from the guide to the Bliss workshop which is included in the Bliss workshop.  I changed it a little and made it my own.

1. Begin by cutting the background. Feel free to use your own measurements on this one.  I cut the beige piece (under the photos on the bottom left side) about 8x9in.
2. Next I cut the striped piece (8x3in) and attached it to the top 
3. Cut the vanilla cardstock on the right side, (4x12) and lay it on the right side of the paper.
4. Next I cut the ribbon under the striped papers (again, this ribbon is Martha Stewart and not available on my website)
5.  Next, cut some photos about 3x3in and attach them to a chocolate background and paste them to the page on the vanilla cardstock on the right.
6.  Add the butterflies which are an add-on component to the Bliss workshop.  I used a glue gun.
7.  On a separate piece of vanilla cardstock, stamp the flowers (Bliss stamp set) using cranberry ink and the leaves using chocolate ink and cut them out individually and glue them to the page.
8.  Attach the two photos on the beige patterned background.  
9.  Add the dimensional elements just like above (paint them with the chocolate ink) these designs are included in the Bliss workshop.  Attach them to the page and you are finished.  

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