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Hello everyone!
This is my first blog as a scrapbooking consultant for Close to My Heart! All the products on this card can be purchased on my website:

This is the beautiful piece I will be presenting at my workshop on Monday night.

Bliss Workshop Kit (Paper, Bliss Stamp)
Clear Card
Liquid Glass
Chocolate Ink

1. Take a clear Card and open it to the inside.  On the right side of the inside of the card, lay down the background (blue with pattern) 14cm x 10cm (5.5 in x 4 in).  Use Liquid Glass to stick it to the card.

2. Cut a strip of the same paper as the background but flip the paper over to reveal the beige pattern on the back.  Cut the strip: 14cm x 2.9cm (5.5 in x 1.1 in).  Attach the strip to the front of the card, not the inside.

3.  Cut another strip of the dark brown patterned (13.9cm x 2.2cm or 5.5 in x 0.9 in) and lay it in the middle of the beige strip (layer it).

4. Cut the last strip out of the floral intricate brown design paper (13.9 x 1.6cm or 5.5 in x 0.6 in).  Layer the papers again and place it in the centre of the brown paper.

5.  Last but not least cut a square out of the Vanilla Cardstock 6.3cmx6.3cm or 2.5 in x 2.5in.  Then take the Bliss stamps and stamp the Together stamp, the couple stamp and is the best place to be stamp in using the chocolate ink.

6. Attach the square piece with the stamps to the front cover of the card and then you are finished!
The finished product! You have now created a clear card.  All of the papers I used were attached using Liquid Glass in small dots so they cannot be seen through the other side (this will happen with glue of photo dots).
If you have any problems or questions, email me at

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  1. love it. These would be so nice for wedding or anniversay cards.
    fellow CTMH Consultant

  2. I like to do such things when I have free tome. Also I like to write autobiography and these useful advices help me a lot.


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